Five medals awarded in the Boer War and WW1

Five medals awarded in the Boer War and WW1
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Title: Five medals awarded in the Boer War and WW1
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The National Archives in Kew hold records of Fred's army service and the medals he was awarded. Altogether, he served 20 years in the Army Service Corp. This was in two stints. The first was in South Africa and home. Early in 1913, his term ended and he took a job as a Postman with the Royal Mail. He reenlisted in Oct 1914 and served nearly 5 further years, serving in France and Macedonia. He was demobbed on 11th June 1919, and awarded the daily pension of 20 pence. (old pence - 240 = £1). He was awarded four medals during this time. Photos of his medals can be seen under MEDIA, and copies of his war records also. Quite by chance, the actual medals incribed with his details were offerred for sale by a dealer. I snapped them up and they are now at my home in England.
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